Hardworking, dedicated and professional. Our team members are highly skilled team player with a genuine desire to solve problems and learn new things.


Thank you for your interest in working for Lucid IT! We are not currently hiring now but encourage you to submit your resume to opportunities@luciditinc.com. This will be used to contact you as positions open up from time to time.


The Summer Internship Program is designed to offer relevant work experience and engaging challenges to Computer Science Majors. Interns will work closely with an assigned supervisor who will guide your experience during the internship period. If you can think quickly on your feet, possess strong work ethics and a team player, we are looking for you.

- Must be a Computer Science Major
- Understand OOP concepts
- Basic knowledge of PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript is a plus

3rd Week of May - 1st Week of August

Application Deadline:

How to Apply:
Email your resume and cover letter to internship@luciditinc.com before the application deadline.

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